Leading Key Account Management
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  • Good leadership: what counts the most
    Attitude, Trust, Impact, Responsibility, Coaching, Decision making
  • The 10 commandments for Topmanagement
    From corporate strategy to involvement with key customers
  • Head of Key Account Managements
    Pragmatic direction and hands-on support
  • The Key Account Team
    The Champions' League can only be won by the team!
  • The Key Account Manager
    Roles, Challenges, Methods, and Tools
  • Agile Leadership in Key Account Management
    Principles, Prerequisites, Best Practices, Benefits, OKR as an Example

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Strategic key account management is only brought to its full impact by good and effective management!

  • Good leadership of the people in key account management is the decisive success factor for a leading position in the market and at the key accounts.
  • Translating the corporate strategy to the level of sales and key accounts requires that top management, head of key account management and key account managers and teams pull together. The responsibility for this lies with the leaders.
  • How do the leaders fulfil their duties? How do they secure buy-in? What is the approach that turns affected people into involved people? What can be done to get them to work with enthusiasm and motivation? What methods and tools are available for this?
  • The leadership role is not innate, it is learned. Helpful prerequisites are the right attitude, self-knowledge, responsibility and trust. What exactly does this mean for everyone, what is the perception of others, what can and will I change?

The quality of leadership has a significant influence on results, employee motivation and customer satisfaction. Good leadership provides purpose, vision and goals. It also establishes the culture of the company, which helps attract and keep people with the right attitude who foster the values of trust and responsibility. Other important competences addressed in this section include coaching, leadership communication, self awareness and decision making.      
Handling well what counts the most makes leadership “weatherproof”. Independent of economic, technological, political or social “storms” or a pandemic, sound leadership holds the compass, adjusts the course, stays close to the people and provides encouragement and support.  

Top management is a crucial success factor for key account management. The spectrum ranges from anchoring it in the company's strategy to playing a supportive role in contact with the key account.

As a transmission belt between corporate strategy and strategic key account development, the Head of Key Account Management designs the framework conditions, provides resources and secures company-wide participation. As a coach, she guides and accompanies key account managers and teams, supports hands-on in achieving goals.

Key Account Management is team sport at the highest level, the Champions' League of commercialization . The top customers deserve – and demand – top care. This requires targeted team composition, clarity about roles and tasks, cooperation and communication agreements.

"The increasingly important and difficult role played by KA managers makes it imperative that people of the highest calibre occupy this position.“, according to Noel Capon (Prof. em. Marketing, Sales, NYC university). The bandwidth and challenges require the skilful use of effective methods and tools, coupled  with an appreciative and trusting attitude.

Rapid changes, high insecurity, globalization, digitalization and disruptions require companies to be able to adapt quickly and be flexible. Agile leadership provides the framework to counter the challenges by empowering the employees and teams, granting trust and handing over responsibility. Leaders become "servant leaders", who remove obstacles, set priorities, ensure further development.

Pivotal point of any agile leadership is what the customer needs.

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The author

Stefan Reintgen

  • Many years of professional experience in industry, international (Mexican 6 years, USA 3 years) as sales & marketing VP, business unit head and managing director
  • Management consultant, trainer, sales coach since 2008.
  • Focus on sales in B2B, especially key account management, leadership in sales, negotiation
  • Member of the European Foundation for Key Account Management (EFKAM)
  • Author of the book "Key Account Management"

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