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Key Account Management Online Training

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  • 49  videos full of up-to-date tools
  • Practical tips and examples
  • PLUS: Proven key account plan template
    (>40 pages in Microsoft Powerpoint format)
  • Many checklists and concrete implementation tasks

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Training overview



Key Account Management

  • Let’s start with some questions!
  • One definition
  • Why Key Account Management?
  • Key Account Management excellence model
  • One face to the customer is dead
  • KAM versus a territory sales approach
  • Key Accounts are more than direct customers!
  • Stop dreaming of strategic partnerships

8 Videos



The Key Account Manager

  • The fundamental roles besides sales!
  • Key Account Manager in the world of tomorrow

2 Videos



The Key Account Plan

  • Was ist ein Key Account Plan?
  • What is the real purpose of a Key Account Plan?
  • How to structure a Key Account Plan?
  • Who should prepare the Key Account Plan?
  • 6 critical success factors of professional Key Account Plans
  • No KAP without “SO WHAT?”
  • The one pager – your account plan executive summary
  • Account Analysis: Account Profile
  • Account Analysis: Company structure
  • Account Analysis: Key subsidiaries / sites / global footprint
  • Account Analysis: Top 3 company objectives
  • Account Analysis: Procurement strategy
  • Account Analysis: the market environment
  • Account Analysis: the industry value chain
  • Account Analysis: Project pipeline
  • Account Analysis: Power Map
  • Account Analysis: SWOT
  • Account Analysis: 3 things, I still don’t know!
  • Own position today: Supplier evaluation
  • Own position today: You as a customer
  • Own position today: Ongoing frame contracts
  • Own position today: win bid / loss bid analysis
  • Own position today: your current sales footprint per customer site
  • Own position today: Share-of wallet
  • Own position today: account attractiveness portfolio
  • Own position today: The competition landscape
  • Own position today: your Unique Value Proposition
  • Own position today: your SWOT from the account perspective!
  • Own position today: The top 5 chances / risk cockpit
  • Your business development plan: MOST and M-Mission
  • Your business development plan: MOST – Top 3 Objectives
  • Your business development plan: MOST – Strategy
  • Your business development plan: MOST – Tactics and Requirements
  • Your business development plan: the account team
  • Your business development plan: account team rules – RASIC
  • Your business development plan: relationship matrix
  • Your business development plan: touchpoint plan
  • Your business development plan: action plan

38 Videos



BONUS 1: Strategic Annual Meeting

  • Critical success factors

1 Video



BONUS 2: Tender management

  • The tender management process in 5 steps

1 Video

Tender Management in 5 Steps

To get a feeling about the training

Chapter: Key Account Management - One face to the customer is dead!

  • Do you life the ‘one consistent message to the customer model’?
  • What can you do to further improve your team approach?
  • What can you do to strengthen the information exchange in your account team?

About the authors

Hartmut Sieck

  • 10 years of professional experience in the industry as a key account manager and manager
  • Since 2002 management consultant, trainer, sales coach and keynote speaker with a clear focus on key account management and B2B sales
  • Board member of the European Foundation for Key Account Management (EFKAM)
  • Author of books such as "The Strategic Key Account Plan", "Key Account Management", "The Key Account Manager", ...

Stefan Reintgen

  • Many years of professional experience in industry, international (Mexican 6 years, USA 3 years) as sales & marketing VP, business unit head and managing director
  • Management consultant, trainer, sales coach since 2008.
  • Focus on sales in B2B, especially key account management, leadership in sales, negotiation
  • Member of the European Foundation for Key Account Management (EFKAM)
  • Author of the book "Key Account Management"

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